Bohemian Rhapsody

Photo by Iván Guerrero on Unsplash

But he never let any of his background, his name, or his buck teeth came in the way of his dreams.

He desired it and went for it and finally, he joined a band named ‘Smile’ in which there were Brian May, and Roger Taylor was already there. He and John Deacon joined later. After a year in it, he was brave enough to insist his bandmates record an album, for which they sold their band van, and then the story goes further.

Ignoring your heart, your calling, and just letting the circumstances take over your dreams and then making excuses for it is pretentious.

Even when he was ill with AIDS in the late 80s he didn’t wanna be a famous poster boy for AIDS. He wanted to live as a performing artist even in his sickness and he did.



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Writing for me, is like getting my own thoughts out of my mind. I write about any of the random topics that I am interested in at the moment.